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The Importance of Understanding Your Yardages

Do you have a solid understanding of how far you hit every club in your bag? If you don't, you could be adding a few unnecessary strokes to your card every round. Distance control is a vital part of the game, especially when it comes to your scroing clubs, like your short irons and wedges. I'm sure that you have heard the phrase, "pin high". Pin high refers to hitting the ball in line with the pin location on the green, in other words, you judged your yardage and executed the shot correctly. If you're able to land your approach shots pin high, you won't be too far off. But if you're landing it short due to an incorrect yardage or you're landing it deep, beyond the green, you're faced with getting it up and down. If you do this a few times in a round, that's an extra three strokes right there. Having a better understanding of your distances and yardages will get you closer to flags, which will help you shoot lower scores.

My first recommendation would be to invest in a Range Finder or GPS device. Not only are these devices time savers on the golf course, but they will give you exact yardages to the flag, front of the green, back of the green and other hazards. This gives golfers confidence in knowing the exact yardages that need to be hit and it avoids time wasting in looking for fairway markers. When you take out the guesswork, you lose the hesitation and attack the golf ball with more certainty. My second recommendation would be to spend some time with me on the range using a launch monitor. A yardage gapping session with a launch monitor is well worth the time. We work through the entire bag, making multiple swings with each club, especially your scoring clubs. Then we take the averages to give you a better understanding of how far each club carries. If you're interested in setting up a yardage gapping session, contact me here!

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