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About Andy

Originally from the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, Andy Patnou is respected for his work with top juniors, aspiring professionals and PGA TOUR professionals. Andy believes that the geometry in hitting a good golf shot is the same for everyone regardless of age, size, gender or ability. This system of measuring the golf swing helps players make changes quickly to hit the ball further, straighter and more often, ultimately enhancing your enjoyment of the game of golf.

Andy was recently named to the Best Teachers in Every State List for 2022-2023 by Golf Digest for the 10th straight year

Andy Patnou Golf
Hear from some of my students:

"Andy is a great teacher and student of the game of golf. He is willing to use many different training aids and tools to help you improve and understand your swing. He has always been available if I had questions or to look at a quick video of my swing. Andy has helped me by using Trackman technology to understand my swing plane and how this relates to my impact position and ball flight and how to work on these to improve." 


- Jeff S.  12 handicap

"Andy is the BEST teacher I have worked with. Andy didn't confuse me with all the new mumbo jumbo science talk, but explained everything simply and gave me good instruction and drills to fix my swing! Been playing great golf since my lesson, and am scheduled to see him next week. Cant Wait! I definitely recommend Andy to anyone who wants to feel comfortable and get BETTER."


- Gabe

"What's unique about Andy is that he truly cares about my progress. He will text me between lessons to see how I'm playing. It's genuine and I appreciate that."


- Ryan K.  9 handicap

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