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Golf instruction is going through a period of tremendous change, and technology is responsible for that. Technology empowers us to monitor swing changes over time more accurately. With technology like TrackMan and BodiTrak, we have the tools to take your game to the next level. Everything can now be quantified and measured. It is being used by touring pros all over the world to imrpove their swings, so why not give it a shot yourself? Get the most out of your lessons and see improvements in your swing at a faster pace with this technology. 


It’s basically microwaves reflecting from a moving golf club and golf ball. The change in frequency of these waves is what makes it possible for us to track what happens at the very moment of impact between club and ball. The TrackMan golf radar helps map these key data parameters - ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle, etc.


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At the foundation of every good golf swing is balance. BodiTrak is a sytem used for capturing center balance during the golf swing. BodiTrak balance systems have been used for nearly a decade in rehabilitation medicine research.




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