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Improve Your Strike Point With the Driver

If you can control where you impact the ball on the clubface, you will improve the consistency and quality of your golf shots. But this is much easier said than done. When it comes to the driver, most golfers assume that they should try to hit it in the middle of the face. But with the larger faces of modern drivers, there is a lot of room for error. It's important to understand how your strikepoint on the face will impact ball flight. For example, a slight toe strike will encourage a draw, whereas a heel hit will encourage a fade. In addition to this, hitting it lower on the face will impart more spin, while striking it towards the upper half of the face will keep spin down. This is why you need to be aware of your strike point as it plays a role in the ball flight. Having a better understanding of your strike point and knowing the ideal location for your desired ball flight, will really help you to develop as a golfer off the tee.

One of the best ways to track your strike point on the clubface would be to pick up a bottle of Dr. Scholl's Odor foot spray. Spray it on the face of your driver until it is covered. Then divide your driver up into four quadrants with a tee or your finger. This way you can determine where you are striking the ball on the face of the driver, whether it's high right, low left and so forth. Pay close attention to your ball flight in relation to the strike point. When you strike the ball off of the toe of the driver, is the ball drawing? When you strike it low on the face, is the ball coming off with more spin? There is a relationship between the strike point and your ball flight; which this drill will teach you. Test this drill out the next time you are at the range and let me know how it goes!


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