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The Debate Over Golf Fitness

Golf Channel Analyst, Brandel Chamblee, recently expressed his concern for Rory McIlroy's fitness endeavors. With the physical transformation that McIlroy has undergone since he first landed on the PGA Tour, there is no hiding his time in the gym. He has packed on pounds of muscle, while also remianing quite cut and toned. Chamblee's concern lies in the path that Tiger Woods took. He's concerned that all of the work that Rory is currently doing in the gym might lend him to a similar perdicimate when he reaches Tiger's age; off the golf course and recooperating from injury. As we all know, golfers can have quite the career as they can play on tour for 25 to 30 years. It is much different from all other profressional sports, as your career lasts much longer, both in your prime and well after. The modern game sees tour players spending a lot of time in the gym to improve their speed, strength, stability and flexibility. They need to do this just to stay competitive now. But how much is too much and is it detrimental to longevity?

Tiger Woods was the first example of what physical fitness can bring to your golf game. He was able to hit shots that others couldn't dream of pulling off. His distance off the tee was superior and he was hitting shorter clubs into every green. With this new athletic golfer mentality, we're seeing guys like Rory, Dustin Johnson, Camilo Villegas, Gary Woodland and others that probably could have chosen any sport. They are taller, stronger and more athletic. They are longer off the tee, have little trouble getting the club through the rough and have soft hands around the greens. There is no doubt that the game has progressed and it's now a new ball game.

The key is in listening to your body and making sure that your routine is well-rounded. If you feel as though your golf game could improve by building more strength, flexibility or stability, then go for it. What are your thoughts on the debate over golf fitness? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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