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Can BodiTrak Help Your Golf Game?

BodiTrak is a golf pressure mat that you have probably seen around by now either on GolfWRX or in watching Tour Players on the range. All successful golfers innately understand the significance of proper weight transfer and balance. To find the correct balance, it's essential to know where your weight is during address, to the top of your swing, and through to your finish position. One of the most interesting features of BodiTrak is what they call the "pressure trace", which gives us a good indication of where your weight shifts throughout the swing. This doesn't only include from one foot to the other, but also shows us whether your weight is more in the heels or toes throughout the swing. The ideal weight transfer would be more linear, moving from the balls of one foot to the other. Getting out over the toes or back on your heels could have an effect on your swing path, which is not ideal.

BodiTrak allows us to analyze our weight transfer and gives us more awareness of what's happening throughout the golf swing. After some practice, it allows us to determine a proper address position and work our way through to the front foot to ensure that we are getting an adequate weight transfer back into the ball. If you're having some trouble compressing your irons and getting to your left side (for righty golfers), this might really help your game. If you're interested in getting some time in with the BodiTrak, schedule a lesson by clicking here and we'll get after it!

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