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New Wave of Online Golf Lessons

Finding a local golf pro and coordinating schedules to find time that works for both of you can be a bit tedious. You need to take into consideration a few factors; weather, commute time and the nerves that may or may not impact your swing in front of a PGA Professional. The good news is that there are now other options. The individualized attention that you receive when working side by side with an instructor is unparalelled. But if you are pressed for time and are looking for a more affordable route to improving your golf swing, online golf lessons might be right for you.

Communication is critical with online golf lessons. Take some time to describe your swing faults and goals at length to give the instructor some background information to work off of. Getting started with online lessons is pretty simple. You can start by recording your golf swing with your smartphone both down-the-line and face-on. Keep in mind that the steadier the footage and the higher the resolution, the easier it will be for your instructor to view and critique. Slow motion video is also much appreciated.

Whether golf instruction is in the one-on-one form or given through video in an online format; golf instruction is best when it is used as a tool to help us teach ourselves. Online and video instruction enables golfers to learn proper posture techniques, swing paths and more. Many instructors analyze swings in a side by side format with PGA Tour professionals, which gives golfers a much better understanding of where the club should be throughout the swing.

To get started with online golf lessons and to see available options, click here!

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