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Improving Your Game With a Launch Monitor

It is impressive to see how much golf instruction has changed over the years. The tools that we have at our disposal really enable us to quickly asses swing flaws. Digital video is a great way to analyze the golf swing and to work on positioning. It is widely used, as it really allows the student to see what he or she is doing at different points in the golf swing. If you want to work on your takeaway or posture throughout the swing, video is perfect for monitoring your progress. I don't ever see this going away. But the real game-changer over these past few years is the introduction of launch monitors like FlightScope and TrackMan.

Launch monitors can show us the action of the club and ball flight through impact. The only hesitation with technology likes this is that it produces a lot of data that needs to be deciphered and can sometimes confuse the student. But keep in mind that this is our job. As the instructor, we will decipher and interpret the data that these launch monitors produce. It is our job to simplify the swing. These launch monitors will give us data points on the golf swing like carry distance, dynamic loft, swing plane and more. With anything including data, you need to have some perspective. As an instructor that is trained in launch monitor technology, I know what numbers are ideal when it comes to launch angle, dynamic loft and other numbers that each swing produces. It is all about finding optimal parameters that golfers can use to play their best. Maybe you aren't hitting your 7 iron as far as you should given your swing speed. We might analyze some data points like your dynamic loft which show us that you are adding loft at impact and hit your 7 iron more like an 8 iron. This is what launch monitor technology is really great at.

If you have yet to use a launch monitor, I highly suggest that you give it a whirl! It will give you a deeper understanding of what is happening at the impact position. I would love to work with you on your swing and believe that using a launch monitor will help to take your game to the next level.

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